Improve RF Performance

Nicor, Inc. provides innovative meter endpoint solutions to help water utilities achieve better RF performance for their AMR and AMI systems.

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Nicor solutions are manufactured in Montana and Texas

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Improve RF Performance of AMR and AMI Systems

Nicor, Inc. provides meter endpoint solutions to water utilities so they can integrate and optimize their AMR/AMI networks.  Proper installation of your water meter and communication endpoint is key to maximizing the range of your metering network.

Nicor’s patented endpoint solutions make for smooth AMR/AMI deployments while improving RF performance; Nicor products are proven to be robust, durable and allow for retrofitting and are adaptable to future technology developments.

Our distribution network spans the nation, and we have expert sales representatives to support utilities throughout the meter installation project.  We are American-made and proud of it. We are utility-focused and unwavering in our high standard of quality.